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There are many different epoxy floor systems available. Some are just pigmented colors for a solid color look. This is the most basic epoxy floor system.

What are Epoxy Floors?

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You may have heard the terms epoxy floor coating, epoxy garage floor or concrete floor epoxy coating. Epoxy floors are usually seen in car showrooms, industrial warehouses, automotive repair garages, commercial kitchens, hospitals, machine shops, and retail spaces. The need for chemical resistance and a cleanable surface is the main reason organizations' prefer epoxy flooring. For example the automotive industry prefers something that can withstand the fluids from a car. The aerospace industry may have higher demands (rocket fuel, skydrol). Food industries need epoxy floors to keep their facilities food safe and compliant.


Commercial Kitchens

Food safe flooring systems are not only good looking but required by the health department.

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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Showroom floors

Vinyl flake epoxy aggregate is exactly that. They are little vinyl chips available in different colors. Socal Custom Concrete are experts installers of Epoxy Floors.

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EPoxy Floor Topics

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Many Epoxy Floors offer excellent cleanable surface and abrasion resistance. They are usually available in many different colors. Epoxy Floors are known for being durable and long lasting as well as chemical resistant. (Gas, Oil...)


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Some people call it epoxy paint but as a rule epoxy paint is more paint then epoxy. Paint is not as strong as epoxy. The strongest epoxy floor coatings are usually a two component mixture that is a 100% solids resin. These professional products are challenging to apply and generally not available to the public.


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Socal Custom Concrete is a proud installer of Cement shine Epoxy flooring Systems

Sealed Concrete

The look of polished concrete, with chemical resistance can be a reasonable cost solution